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SWFT Pro Disposable Vape 2000 Puffs 1100mAh


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The popularity of nic salts has demonstrated that adult vapers value convenience above all else. Cloud production. throat burn. and other measures used to describe vaping devices five years ago no longer apply for the typical vaper. Today. vapes are much more frequently judged by reliability. ease of use. flavor. and smoothness. The SWFT Pro is a standout in all these areas. The cylindrical SWFT Pro easily fits in your pocket. The vapor production is good for a nic salt disposable. but it is also quiet and discrete. The flavor is top-notch and most importantly it is not prone to leaking or burning the coil.

The selection of flavors is a laundry list of the most popular flavors in disposable vape pens. Despite being heavy in the traditional beverage. fruit. and menthol flavors. SWFT executed these salt nic juices perfectly. They stand out for their balanced notes and there are even a few unique taste profiles in their lineup.

If you are looking for a disposable that will last for a long time. whether it is for travel or as your daily go-to vape. the SWFT Pro has plenty to offer. A longer lasting disposable vape. the SWFT Pro has much to recommend.

SWFT Pro Disposable Vape Pre-filled with 6mL of e-Juice.50mgNicotine Strength.SWFT Pro Disposable Vape built-in1100mAhBattery.Up to 2000Puffs.

SWFT Pro features:

  • Capacity: 6ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg
  • Battery: 1100mAh
  • Puffs: Up to 2000

SWFT Pro Flavors:

Apple Peach SWFT Pro
Apple and peach are two of the most popular fruits in the world. That they serve as inspiration for the Apple Peach SWFT Pro is no surprise. What is remarkable is that there are not more apple and peach salt nic juices on the market. What a great combination! The juicy and sweet peach flavor can’t be missed. Despite the strength of the peach flavor. the apple also manages to stand out. This is a ripe red apple flavor. not a confectionary grade sour green apple. The red apple flavor is refreshing and balanced nicely with the peach so that its more subtle flavor queues still manage to standout. Fans of fruit nic salts that do not contain menthol or ice will like this one.

  • Banana Ice SWFT Pro

Banana has grown from a niche salt nic juice flavor into one of the most popular thanks to the addition of menthol ice. The iced finish is exactly what banana flavors need in e-liquids. as it masks the underlying ??artificial banana?? notes which some find too cloying. The Banana Ice SWFT Pro is one of the better banana ice disposable vapes on the market. The ripeness of the banana flavor is really drawn out and the addition of menthol is not overdone. You can vape this disposable all day and not overwhelm your taste buds.

  • Blue Razz SWFT Pro

Fans of sweet salt nic juices are certain to love the Blue Razz SWFT Pro. The fruity notes are delightful and there is a hard shell of confectionary sugar that intermingles with tart berry notes. There are a lot of blue raspberry nic salts and disposables on the market for a reason. It is a great flavor that adult vapers enjoy.

  • Cotton Candy SWFT Pro

The nostalgic flavor of cotton candy calls back to a bygone era of Big Top touring circuses and carnivals. The Cotton Candy SWFT Pro hits all these sweet notes perfectly. with a just enough of berry hint to keep the flavor from turning into a saccharine bomb. A nic salt juice based on pure spun sugar always has the possibility of being too sweet to vape all day but SWFT did a great job with this smooth nic salt.

  • Hard Apple SWFT Pro

The Hard Apple SWFT Pro was inspired by the hard confectionary flavor of sour green apple. This disposable vape almost exactly captures that sweet and tart flavor profile. There are hints of actual apple. the fruit not the sour apple treat. which elevate the flavor further. Sour green apple happens to be a great salt nic juice flavor and the SWFT Pro Hard Apple is one of the best versions on the market.

  • Honeydew Ice SWFT Pro

The Honeydew Ice SWFT Pro is loaded with a perfectly formulated honeydew melon salt nic which is augmented with a blast of cooling ice. Honeydew melon might be one of the lamest fruits to find in a fruit cup. but it is a breakout e-liquid flavor. The rich flavors of honeydew melon are almost floral in nature and never too sweet. There is a lightness and clarity to the Honeydew Ice SWFT Pro that needs to be experienced to be believed. This is a complex. cool. and wonderful flavor that was formulated to be vaped all day.

  • Kiwi Berry Ice SWFT Pro

The Kiwi Berry Ice SWFT Pro delivers a symphony of flavor in every puff. There are tasty surprises folded into every inhale that are bound to appeal to just about every adult vaper. The kiwi salt nic juice foundation has a ton of depth. There is creaminess. tartness and a juiciness that is akin to a perfectly ripe pear or pineapple. Above all else. it tastes just like a kiwi. The selection of berries in the berry medley formula are well chosen. They were selected for their sweetness. tartness. and their easily distinguished trademark flavors. It is easy to detect hints of strawberry. blueberry and even blackberry. The ice menthol finish is not overly mint and doesn’t weigh down all these fresh fruit tones. Instead. it is an enhancing ingredient that gives every puff a cohesive flavor and makes for a great all day vape.

  • Lychee Berry Ice SWFT Pro

Lychee is an amazing for flavor for a salt nic juice. Generally. it is paired with menthol ice. While the Lychee Berry Ice SWFT Pro continues this tradition. there is also a healthy admixture of fresh berry flavors. This out of the box decision worked out well. Lychee can be a bit aggressive. The tart and sweet berry notes temper the lychee flavors but still allow the trademark tropical flavors to shine. What does lychee taste like? It is easier to experience than to explain. It is a bit like a mango or guava salt nic but with a bold indescribable flavor which is lychee. It has been compared almost to a grape. a fresh grape not a sweet Concord artificial grape. and a hint of pear. However. you want to put it into words. lychee is a great e-liquid flavor and is further enhanced with the addition of a berry medley and menthol ice.

  • Strawberry Banana SWFT Pro

Strawberry and banana are a couple of mainstream fruit flavors with widespread appeal. They are twice as nice when paired together. The Strawberry Banana SWFT Pro is a perfect confluence of creamy and tropical banana and strawberry. The strawberry slices right through the banana sweetness. which can be a bit overwhelming if not tempered. the creamy banana accentuates the tart and sugary base of a fresh picked strawberry foundation. Strawberry Banana is a natural salt nic juice pairing and a great choice for adult vapers who seek a balanced fruit vape that does not contain menthol.

  • Strawberry Donut SWFT Pro

The SWFT Pro offers a triple header of unique strawberry salt nic juices. One of the most formidable anddelicious is the Strawberry Donut nic salt juice. The sweetness and sugar are brilliant. it isn’t overdone and takes like a quality strawberry donut frosting. The hints of cakey fried goodness are evident in every puff. A pastry nic salt with heavy notes of fresh fruit. You are going to want to try the Strawberry Donut SWFT Pro.

  • Strawberry Lemonade SWFT Pro

Strawberry Lemonade SWFT Pro is the third strawberry salt nic juice offered in this great disposable vape. It is also the most traditional flavor. The tart lemonade is loaded with a dollop of sugar. but it is a sneaky good strawberry fruit flavor that really cuts through the citrus. A tremendous beverage vape. the brightness of the lemonade flavor and dark richness of the tart berry notes creates a comprehensively balanced flavor. There are many good lemonade vapes on the market but the addition of a berry bite gives the Strawberry Lemonade SWFT Pro a leg up on the competition.


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