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Puff Bar Disposable Vape Pen


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Puff Bar Disposable Vape Pen features its food-grade independent liquid container which is healthier for users. and circular tube. with ergonomic mouthpiece & circular tube with gradient color+ergonomic mouthpiece.

Puff Bar Disposable Vape Pen With 550mAh built-in battery. it supports about 800 puffs’ vaping. Moreover. it supports OEM and the MOQ is 3000 units per flavor. at least 5 flavors.

Puff Bar Specifications:

  • PuffBar pre-filled with 1.3mL of e-liquid
  • 5% salt nicotine concentration
  • 550mAh built-in battery
  • 800 puffs

Puff Bar flavors:

  • Lychee:

The world of delicious. toothsome tastes begins with a single puff from the Lychee flavor. This highly desirable Asian goodness is a hybrid between citrus and rose water and citrus.

  • Blueberry Ice:

It goes to show how far this company has come when you take a look at their piquant. bittersweet blueberry essence. Mixed in with a wintry spirit. prepare your palate for a cleansing session.

  • Pink Lemonade:

Sour but sweet. this piquant spirit of an e-liquid epitomizes the flavors found inherent in the popular drink itself. This medium bodied delicatessen is nothing but a pure joy to vape on every single time.

  • Pineapple Lemon:

Mixing a sour flavor together with a tart. yet mildly sweet tang that comes from the pineapple. this Disposable boasts thick and delicious clouds on every puff. Don’t take our word for it. see what this medium bodied masterpiece has to offer yourself!

  • OMG:

OMG stands for orange. mango and guava. a tropical mix of many different kinds of flavors all in one. Beguiling different parts of your palate. expect the goodness to come out of your senses with every puff.

  • Cucumber:

Refresh your senses like your homepage with this luscious cucumber recipe. Feeling into its vegetable spirit with every puff. you’ll get a revitalizing blast you signed up for from the start.

  • Tobacco:

The real taste of the tobacco plant is here for you to explore without having to burn anything. This medium bodied blend is perfect the way it is with no combustion. delivering just the right amount of flavor to the palate.

  • Lush Ice:

The Lush Ice is a fruity combination of the refreshing. yet sweet watermelon intertwined with a wintry tinge to freshen up the palate. Enjoy a mild vaping sensation for your own pleasure thanks to thick. aromatic clouds delivered by this blend.

  • Cool Mint:

Cool your palate down with the spirit of a minty leaf. revitalizing your senses with a non abrasive vapor. With each puff you get the perfect delivery of the flavor to strength ratio.

  • Banana Ice:

Your favorite fruit is now topped off with a wintry coat. an icy overlay. which freshens up the senses. Revivify your palate with a sweet blend and a cool aftertaste to top it off.

  • Grape:

The sweetness of the grape is perfectly manifested with every single drag. allowing for a juicy burst of mouthwatering flavors. Puff luxurious mild bodied clouds at your leisure just to bring your palate true happiness!

  • Peach Ice:

Ice out your senses with the finest delicious. ripe peach flavors that the planet can offer. With every puff. you get a golden flavorful burst of sweetness that you’ve always craved.

  • Sour Apple:

We’re not sure if your senses will ever get enough of this one. but the luscious. sour apple is a work of genius. This recipe features a tart mixture of your favorite apples in order to bring your senses true bliss.

  • Mango:

The need and craving for something sweet and pulpy will come to an immediate end upon the first puff off of this blend. Enjoy a true delicatessen of a mild bodied nature without any sacrifices.

  • Watermelon:

Its honeyed. yet refreshing combination will bring you the flavor you deserve. Imagine a sweet watermelon taste overshadowed by an aromatic after-scent as you take your puff and see where that takes you.

  • Pomegranate:

Enjoy a mildly sour and sharp tasting goodness. which is the legendary pomegranate in this mixture. With every inhalation you get a medium bodied blend. which will treat your senses with respect.

  • Blueberry:

Delight yourself in a luscious. tart and mildly sweet tasting goodness of the blueberry. Pungent and medium bodied. you get a great tasting vapor. which is easy to fall in love with.

  • Strawberry:

It’s a piquant. delicious tasting product. which is comprised of tasty vapor that evinces an aromatic essence. Try this mild bodied masterpiece and see what all the hype behind it is.

  • Blu Raz:

Enjoy a tasty whitebark raspberry delicatessen. which is comprised of sweet and sour floral essences that are a must try. The mild strength of this vapor will suffice to appease the senses without overpowering them.

  • Cafe Latte:

The great taste of coffee makes itself present in the impeccable taste of this Disposable. Enjoy a beguiling. creamy vapor with every single puff without overpowering the senses due to a mild profile.

  • Cucumber:

A fresh. veggie tasting vapor will make your senses transcend their limitations. With a mild bodied profile. you get thick clouds of amazingly refreshing flavors that are hard to pass up. Try this now and see why we’re talking it up so much!


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