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Posh Plus Disposable Vape 800/600 Puffs 2ML


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Posh Plus Disposable Vape Pen is the world’s smallest Disposable Kit. which is only 25g/6.5mm-small size but big cloud. It comes with a patented pull & play design and a transparent pod for easily checking e-liquid levels.

Powered by 650mAh built-in battery with 12w output power. it supports vaping 800/600 puffs. Additionally. 20 amazing flavors are optional.

Posh Plus Disposable Pen:

  • Disposable Vape Pen pre-filled with 2mL of e-liquid
  • 6% salt nicotine concentration

Posh Plus Vape Tobacco Menthol:

Introducing the classic tobacco leaf flavoring. underpinned by a refreshing menthol flavor in order to facilitate a scrupulously blended concoction. This medium bodied byproduct is everything your senses ever wanted.

Posh Plus Disposable Pina Colada:

Swathe your senses in a gift of the beaches. with a true coconut delight. which tastes like sweet silken milk. The vapor is soothing on the palate and each puff is a simple delight.

Posh Plus Vape Minty Berry:

From blueberries to whitebark raspberries and blackberries. you get a bittersweet quintessence. that carries itself to your palate with a tinge of minty freshness. Enjoy this mild goodness and learn what it’s like to enjoy life!

Posh Plus eCig Minty Melon:

The melon itself is a treasured world of refreshing sweetness. But when you add an intertwining of the reinvigorating mint leaf. you get a sweet and fresh goodness. which is impossible to turn down.

Posh Plus Vape Pen Cream Brulee:

What was previously resorted to the kings is now available to the 99%. with an overly sweet dessert-like spirit. This medium bodied flavor carries the joy of honeyed dairy straight to your senses.

Posh Plus OMG Tropical:

This concoction serves nothing but the sweetest of all tropical delights. Mixed fruits from the south are balanced out with a mild bodied strength in order to render the best possible flavor to nicotine ratio.

Posh Plus Frozen Mango:

The frozen mango is great in smoothies and now in this blend! This mild in strength product features a sweet but refreshing vaping session. which is nothing but enjoyable.

Posh Plus Frosted Apple:

The frozen flavor of sweet apples shows off a reinvigorating essence of what it’s like to consume the most popular fruit in the arctic. Enjoy a medium bodied goodness delivered straight from the heavens!

Posh Plus Cali Peach:

A splash of sweet and ripe california peaches never ceases to amaze the palate. And here. you will find just the right mild blend of pure deliciousness with zero compromises.

Posh Plus Menthol Ice:

With the Menthol Ice you get a double overlay of freshness in one with a popular menthol flavor intermingled with an icy goodness. Mild in strength. this blend will never overwhelm your freshness.

Posh Plus Frozen Strawberry:

This concoction brings out the sweet and bitter. piquant flavors out of the strawberry and intermingles it with icy freshness. Enjoy a medium bodied goodness that tastes just like a fresh picked harvest!

Posh Plus Fireball by Fuma:

This one tastes just like the alcoholic beverage. with a strong kick to the senses that leaves behind a spicy overtone. Even though it’s mild in strength. we guarantee that it will instantly render your sleeping senses awake.


Banana Smoothie, Cali Peach, Cream Brulee, Fire Ball, Frosted Apple, Frozen Mango, Frozen Strawberry, Menthol Ice, Minty Berry, Minty Lychee, Minty Melon, OMG, PINA COLADA, Tobacco Menthol

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