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Posh Disposable Vape 800/600 puffs 650mAh


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Posh Disposable Vape Pen comes with a patented pull & play design and a transparent pod for easily checking e-liquid levels. Posh Disposable Vape Powered by 650mAh built-in battery with 12w output power. it supports vaping 800/600 puffs. Additionally. 20 amazing flavors are optional.

Posh features:

  • pre-filled with 1.5mL of e-liquid
  • 6% salt nicotine concentration
  • 650mAh built-in battery
  • 800/600 puffs

Posh flavors:

  • Mango Frost:

Imagine having your favorite tropical fruit at your disposal. frosted over with a revitalizing kick to freshen those senses of yours. This product serves your imagination. for it’ll give you a sweet and wintry mix you’ll instantly fall head over heels with.

  • Lush Ice:

Immerse your senses in a delicious combination of the sweet watermelon and the icy menthol. delivering a sensational blast. which is hard to forget. Delight yourself in a medium to strong bodied blast to the senses with every single puff.

  • Pink Lemonade:

Sweet and sour. pungent and delicious; there are simply not enough ways to describe the pink lemonade flavor. Relish in a top of the notch flavor delivery that satisfies every bump on your taste buds with zero compromises.

  • Cool Melon:

The spirit of the Melon is sweet. but when you put it into the fridge to cool down for a bit you get the sensation delivered by the vapor that lies within. A refreshing overcoat to the sweet soul of the melon makes this product irresistible.

  • Banana Smoothie:

The great thing about this flavor is that it evinces the flavor of the sweetened smoothie in the form of vapor. Try and see for yourself. because this isn’t just a simple medium to strong bodied banana flavor. You’re in for a delicious ride!

  • Frozen Grape:

No matter how you put it. the frozen grape will be a delicious saccharine flavor with a top off of a cool breeze-like vapor to cool down and refresh your senses. Simply amazing in its recipe. you’ll fall in love with this blend and it’s worth doing so.

  • Blue B Ice:

A delectable mix in of truly ripe blueberries reigns the flavor behind the e-liquid in this ergonomic disposable. You get a tart and sweet flavor mixture with every puff. Your senses will be smothered by the finest hit from all around in order to arouse the palate from every single angle.

  • Cool Mint:

Chill out your taste buds with a minty leaf that will swathe them in revitalizing flavors. With this one. you get a burst of the real deal with less than abrasive strengths. but strong enough to arouse your senses for good.

  • Cotton Candy:

If you love the candy. you’ll love the vapor. Simply put. This medium to strong bodied recipe will bring out the essence behind sugar and top it off with mystery flavors in order to blend perfectly with your palate.


Banana Smoothie, Blue B Ice, Cool Melon, Cool Mint, COTTON CANDY, Frozen Grape, LUSH ICE, Mango Frost, Pineapple Slush, PINK LEMONADE

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