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Providing pleasing looks. a compact and very portable design. and loaded with the most deliciously concocted flavors. the Hitt Maxx V2 Disposable Vape will be your next go-to vape. It boasts an extraordinary battery capacity and a massive vape juice capacity. delivering upwards of 1500 puffs per device. Thisdisposable vapesystem will allow you to encounter everything from a menthol-infused banana to a strawberry milkshake. and various tasty mixtures in between. If you’re looking for a performance-driven vaping device that has the capacity and flavors you crave. you won’t find anything better than the Hitt Maxx V2 Disposable Vape by HittVape.

Featuring a compact design that makes portability a breeze. this minimally sized vaping device is perfectly constructed to ensure appeal and durability throughout the time you’re using it. The device comes in a range of colors. each with a deliciously concocted flavor to match. The Hitt Maxx V2 Disposable is equipped with a 1000mAh integrated battery. With its large battery capacity. you can expect to enjoy several sessions.With its above-average battery capacity and vape juice capacity. you can partake in as many as 1800 puffs per device. Get even more puffs per device with theHitt XL Disposable Vape3000 Puffs.

HITT MAXX V2 Features:

  • Contains 5% (50mg) Salt Nicotine
  • 1000mAh Internal Battery
  • Take Approximately 1500 puffs Each Unit

HITT MAXX V2 flavor:


Banana Ice delivers a shattering taste. It is a candy-like flavor that mimics the taste of a cold banana popsicle. providing that same tasty experience you’ve come to know and love. This must-try vape is a delicious mixture that is sure to become another all-day vape you add to your collection.


Blue Razz Ice gives your tastes a wonderful experience of flavor. boasting an amazing mixture of blue raspberry and menthol. It is a universal blend that so many people enjoy. giving you a refreshing flavor that you’ll come back to again and again.


Blueberry POM is an amazing vape juice. sporting loads of tasty flavor that you’ll come to appreciate. This brilliant concoction is comprised of blueberries and pomegranates. which is an incredibly unique blend that will have you falling in love. Blueberry POM will surely become your next all-day vape.


Fresh Mint is everything you would expect. It is a delicious vape juice blend that provides an extraordinary mint flavor. giving you that classic mint taste that is incredibly sweet and super refreshing. From the cool mouth refreshing taste to all of its sweet notes. this is one flavor that you won’t be able to live without.


Guava is such a unique flavor in itself. and when you make it into vapor form. you can expect nothing but greatness. This delicious blend is all about the flavor of guava. gifting that exotic taste so many people crave. From the first puff to the last. this outstanding vape juice will have your taste buds incredibly pleased.


Lemonade Ice is a fascinating flavor we’re extremely thrilled for you to try. It provides an extraordinary taste that is super sweet and offers a refreshing taste we know you’ll enjoy. This tasty blend combines lemonade with a menthol flavor. giving you the best representation of a glass of lemonade and ice.


Lush Ice is a remarkable flavor profile that is universally loved by many. It offers the delicious taste of juicy watermelon. along with a tasty mixture of menthol. boasting a vape juice flavor that is sweet. juicy. and delicious. If you’re looking for a new and exciting vape to add to your collection. this is definitely a new one that you should add to your list.


Maui Mango is an incredible vape juice that we are absolutely thrilled with. It is the perfect flavor. using the delicious taste of tropical mango fruit. This awesome vape juice flavor is sweet. juicy. and full of delicious flavor. leaving you with yet another favorite added to your list.


Nana Berry is yet another awesome blend that features an incredible mix of flavors. It brings together a delicious mixture of creamy bananas with an incredibly juicy mix of strawberries. creating a flavor that you will want to explore from beginning to end. If you enjoy strawberries and bananas by themselves. you will definitely enjoy them together.


Melon Ice makes up an awesome flavor profile that we just know you’ll love. It combines two of the most delicious flavors into one. Enjoy the remarkable taste of melons and loads of bone-chilling menthol flavor. giving you a melon ice taste that is super refreshing and incredibly delicious. If you’re looking for a new vape to add to your list. this is it.


Orange Pop is an awesome vape juice. delivering that classic orange soda flavor you know and love. Orange soda is one of those classic fizzy tastes that everyone loves. From the first puff to the last. you can expect all of the spot-on delicious flavors. It’s tasty and fulfilling. leaving you incredibly satisfied.


Peach offers a fantastic taste. boasting loads of delicious flavor. It combines two irresistible flavors in one. creating a unified vape you’ll be satisfied with. Enjoy tasty peach flavor with an addition of lemonade. giving you a remarkable experience that easily satisfies you. If you’re looking for a tasty vape. this is it.


Peach Tea is a remarkably crafted vape juice that we’re sure you’ll love. It is all about the flavor of tea and a combination of peach flavor. leaving you with a delicious lingering taste that you simply can’t enough of. If you’ve been searching for something unique. you’ve finally met your match.


Peachy Ice is an incredible blend that is all about the sweet taste. This tasty peach flavor combines perfectly with a refreshing dose of menthol. leaving your mouth cool and your taste buds super refreshed. There is nothing quite as satisfying as this cool and smooth mentholated peach-flavored vape.


Peanut Butter Cookie is a hard-to-recreate flavor. yet HittVape combined the perfect ratio of flavors and create a super complex taste that provides the classic flavor of peanut butter cookies. What’s most incredible about this vape is the lingering taste it provides. which you’ll find incredibly pleasing.


Pineapple Dream is a marvelous concoction that should easily become a favorite. It doesn’t use some complex blend of flavors. but merely a single tropical pineapple flavor that you’ll find incredibly delicious. From the first taste to your very last. this is one vape juice blend that you will be super pleased with.


Pink Lemonade offers an outstanding experience that gives way to some extremely flavorsome vapor. It is a true pink lemonade flavor. giving you that classic taste you’ve become familiar with throughout the years. If you’re looking for a spot-on taste. there is nothing quite as tasty as this pink lemonade vape juice.


Punched Ice is a fantastic flavor that has been expertly crafted by the flavor mixologists behind the HittVape brand. It is an amazing fruit punch flavor that has been combined with menthol. recreating the taste of an ice-cold glass of fruit punch. There is nothing quite as satisfying as this flavorsome vape.


Strawberry Milkshake is one of the most satisfying vapes from a disposable we’ve seen yet. It is literally like drinking a real strawberry milkshake. providing all of the yummy. creamy. juicy taste that you’ve become familiar with. It is a classic strawberry milkshake flavor and its lingering taste is definitely something to appreciate.


Mystery is just as it sounds. It’s a vape juice that is super mysterious. puzzling your taste buds. Though you’re mind-boggled at first. this tasty vape will no longer remain a mystery from the very first puff. If you’re looking to add excitement into your life. this mystery vape is definitely one to try.


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