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Cali Maxx Disposable Vape 1600 puffs 5.1mL


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Cali Maxx Disposable Vape Device up to 1600 puffs.holds 1.2ml of juice in them and a salt nicotine strength of 50mg. Held within this revolutionary device is a succulent. fresh grape-flavored salt juice blend that will make you feel more revived with every inhale that you take.very Sleek. convenient and so easy to use

CaliMaxx Features:

  • DisposableDevice
  • 5% nicotine
  • 1 Device per package
  • 5.1mL of e-liquid
  • 1600 puffs per device
Cali Maxx Flavors:
  • Frozen Grape:

Enjoy the vicarious thrill of consuming the fruit off of the vine itself per every appetizing inhalation.

  • Frozen Lush:

The art of biting into the juicy watermelon is captured by this timeless goodness in the form of vapor per every single puff.

  • Blue Raspberry:

The famous whitebark raspberry delivers just the right sweetness with just the right frozen kick to revitalize your senses while delivering a sweet punch to them.

  • Cali Maxx Mango:

Cancel your plans to go to the store for dessert and take a puff from this goodie; one drag will send your senses of taste on an unforgettable journey.

  • Blue Raspberry Lemonade:

The berry that is notorious for healing your eyesight is now infused in a vapor. which will heal your senses and reinvigorate them from any previous less than desired experience.

  • Strawberry Banana:

Allow the delicious smoothie blend to caress your palate with two different definitions of sweet in on single take.

  • Frozen Banana:

It’s tart and it’s sweet. refreshing and revitalizing. This concoction will awaken every single aspect of your dormant palate for good!

Cali Maxx Package Contents:

  • 1* Cali Maxx Disposable Vape

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