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How to correctly choose to buy disposable electronic cigarettes?

Most of my friends want to buy disposable vapes, but they are big, expensive, cheap, beautiful, small, and different shapes. So how do we choose?

Most of them want to buy disposable vapes based on 2 points, 1: To quit smoking 2: To play with cigarettes, in short, don’t mess around. Prescribe the right medicine and choose the equipment that suits you. There must always be a reason. Disposable vapes aren’t healthy, but they’re much healthier than smoking cigarettes. They are an excellent cigarette substitute.

Let’s talk about the principle of disposable vapes in detail below

First, two main points:

1: Disposable vapes main body (power supply, atomizer)

2: Tobacco oil

Basically, disposable vapes are composed of these two, and they are indispensable.

1. The main body of disposable vapes:

Consists of a battery stick or battery box and an atomizer. The battery-powered atomizer works, and the atomizer heats the e-liquid inside, thereby forming smoke. The core of the atomizer is the atomizing core. The atomizing core is composed of cotton and electric heating wire, and the cotton is used for oil absorption and oil conduction. The heating wire is used to heat the oil on the cotton to create an atomizing effect.

2. Tobacco oil:

The composition of tobacco oil basically consists of 4 basic substances, glycerin, propylene glycol, fragrance, nicotine (optional). Glycerin is used to form the smoke and propylene glycol is used to mix flavors, glycerin and nicotine. Not to mention the fragrance and nicotine. A fragrance, an addiction.

However, there are some other additives to add flavor, such as sweeteners, cooling agents, etc. But the basic materials are the above, and the normal operation is to add e-liquid to the atomizer.

Let’s talk about the two major uses of disposable vapes.

1: Smoking likes to smoke (there is no good explanation, all disposable vapes that can smoke will smoke.)

2: Lung smoked. (Suck lungs, like hookah, breathe like a big mouth, you can spit circles with those foreigners, that’s all.)

Here are the two big off-the-shelf atomizers for disposable vapes. One is smoking, like smoking, pumping oil. One is like sucking air, sucking directly, sucking big smoke in the lungs, and playing fruit oil are two different types of atomizers.

Smoking is the same as smoking, you can use any kind of oil, but generally you don’t need imitation cigarettes for big cigarettes, it will be very stingy. An atomizer that smokes like a cigarette doesn’t matter, just use it casually. Here’s one you need to consider for yourself. Want to play big cigarettes, or like to smoke like to smoke. Just choose a different type of atomizer. This is why it is recommended to start with the main box. Universal console box can support basically all atomizers on the market.

Here, I wish everyone can find their own disposable vapes.

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