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How many mouths can a disposable electric vape take?

In recent years, the road to cigarettes has been very smooth for Xiaoyan, so that there are endless products on the market, just like cigarettes, with more and more brands and flavors. Disposable electric vape has the characteristics of easy portability, simple use, no need to charge, and affordable price, so more and more smokers will use this disposable electric vape as their first choice for smoking equipment. Just throw it away, even if you lose it, it won’t hurt.

Of course, some people still say that the cost of one-time electric vape is high. In fact, the cost is not so high after the industry scales up. Additionally, fuel injection can be used for recirculation. Due to the increase in the internal pressure of the smoke bomb during oil filling, the cotton in the atomizing core will be damaged and skewed, and there will be adverse phenomena in long-term use. Users can choose the type of pods according to their own preferences, because they are thrown away as soon as they are used, and the one-time electric vape is more in line with the habits of some old smokers.

How long can a disposable electric vape last?

The answer can be found in the general parameters of a one-time electric vape:

1. Number of mouths: 200-500 mouths

2. Concentration: 5% nicotine salt

3. Tobacco oil capacity: 1 ~ 1.4 ml

4. Battery capacity: 240mAh

5. Equivalent to 2 to 3 packs of ordinary cigarettes

6. Portable can use almost 2-3 days of battery life

Disposable electric vape generally uses an air switch:

No buttons required. It is also called a contact. He works by air pressure. When we suck, we have airflow through the bottom of the air.

Some common flavors of disposable electric vape:

Hazelnut smoke: The mellow hazelnut is blended with traditional tobacco, and it feels a little cocoa-like when exhaling;

Lychee Tobacco: The aroma of freshly picked lychees is mixed with a lot of fruit aroma. Among them, lychees mainly add a little bit of cold summer breath, giving you a kind of enjoyment of frozen fruit park;

Blueberry Tobacco: Light blueberry fragrance, with a hint of coolness, after exhaling, there will be a touch of tobacco smell, very comfortable;

Orange smoke: fresh orange sour and some sweet kumquat taste, there is a taste that can make people happy;

Grape smoke: The taste of ripe grapes is combined with some green tips, and the smoke will be a little cool;

Yogurt Tobacco: The faint milky fragrance, so not greasy, slippery, makes you want to stop, the feeling of inhaling into the mouth is like returning to childhood.

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