disposable vapes

Do you know how dangerous it is to smoke disposable vapes?

As an alternative to cigarettes, the advantage of disposable vapes “capturing” the flavor has won more and more people’s love.

However, as a new product, disposable vapes face many uncertainties. For example, the concept and assessment of disposable vapes are not uniform, the product standards are not uniform, and the behavior of disposable vapes is not standardized. These all need to be clear, unified and standardized.

Regarding disposable vapes, here are some basic knowledge of popular science, so that you can understand the essence of disposable vapes.

Are disposable vapes cigarettes?

Disposable vapes Inhale the disposable vapes and exhale the mist. Except for the possibility of nicotine, it is completely different from cigarettes.

The concept of disposable vapes:

Disposable vapes are disposable vapes products that convert liquid e-liquids into vapors by nebulization. Unlike IQOS, the latter does not burn at low temperatures, so the two are actually different types.

Disposable vapes Ingredients:

A disposable vapes device is a processor that uses high temperatures to atomize liquids. The composition of the e-liquid is key. E-liquids consist of nicotine, flavors and fragrances, and PG/VG.

PG (Propylene Glycol): The FDA defines it as “generally safe for humans.” It is the carrier of the flavor in the e-liquid, which enhances the flavor of the e-liquid. When heated, it produces a small mist that hits the throat.

VG (vegetable glycerin or glycerin): a widely used raw material in daily life. VG is responsible for creating the “mist” in the e-liquid.

Fragrance: The use of food-grade flavors basically has no effect on the human body.

Are disposable vapes harmful?

Based on the above working principles and ingredients, we come to the conclusion that nicotine is harmful to disposable vapes.

Nicotine is the main cause of our addiction to smoking. Carbon monoxide and tar are harmful to us when we smoke, neither of which are disposable vapes, nor do they happen during operation.

But nicotine is not safe. Short-term high-dose nicotine (above 50 mg) is enough to cause vomiting, nausea, and even life-threatening. But as long as the dose is within a safe range, nicotine has little effect on the human body.

Do disposable vapes produce harmful substances?

The thermal decomposition of organic matter requires a temperature of about 700-800 degrees, and the direct combustion temperature of cigarettes is above 800 degrees. Therefore, new harmful substances are formed during the smoking process. Mainstream disposable vapes have high temperatures in the 300-400 degree range, far behind. fission conditions.

Qualified disposable vapes can not only help smokers quit smoking, but also make cigarette life healthier.

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